Why Invest in Global Art Gallery?

Great art is always in demand. It has value that is not readily put into financial terms. However, the market for “passion assets” like fine art and collectibles is estimated to reach 2.7 trillion USD by 2026.

At this time the major issues facing the international art market are a lack of transparency, widespread fraud, and, in many instances, significant barriers to small investors and new artists.

With Machine Learning, Distributed Ledger Technology and DNA signature recognition, Global Art Gallery is building a platform that promotes strong and sustainable relationships between art professionals, collectors, small investors, and financial institutions.

Fighting Fraud and Forgery

Global Art Gallery is not an entirely virtual endeavor. There is a key physical component to the project, namely, a synthetic DNA signature.

The goal is to develop a tamper-proof coding system that will become the standard for authenticating art. The idea is for artists to safeguard their work, preferably immediately upon completion, by attaching a postage stamp sized sample of synthetic DNA. Each artwork is tagged with a unique strand of bioengineered material that provides an encrypted link between the artwork and a secure database containing the definitive information about the artwork.


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